‘I was told only boys could be autistic’

Auteur: Tamsin Selbie
Datum: 31 august 2019

‘I was told only boys could be autistic’

Jasmine Ghibli was diagnosed with autism at two years old in America. The diagnosis was taken away from her when she moved to Scotland after her GP decided she was the “wrong sex” to be autistic.

Now at 18, Jasmine has her diagnosis but not without enduring years of frustration at a system that she thinks appeared to forget the female face of autism.

Nicole Bonner, Jasmine’s mother, said their GP told them that, “autism isn’t for girls – she’s just a bad kid.”

After moving to Scotland from America, the children’s hospital informed Nicole that Jasmine wasn’t autistic, and that her original diagnosis was unrecognised.

Speaking to BBC Scotland’s The Nine, Jasmine, from Helensburgh, said the confusion around her diagnosis caused her mental health to deteriorate.

She says the lack of support and bullying at school led her to attempt to kill herself three times – the first time was when she was just seven.

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‘I was told only boys could be autistic’