Things I Love About Autism: hyperfocus and special interests

Datum: 13-11-2019
Auteur: Liminalnest

I feel like when allistics talk about autism, it’s usually a narrative that being Autistic is some sort of tragedy. We’re a missing puzzle piece. They need to “find a cure”. Sometimes Autism parents talk about “losing” their child to Autism (even though their child is still completely alive, just…not neurotypical).

There are sometimes things I find inconvenient or annoying about being Autistic. My sensory issues are usually handled with things like wearing sunglasses or “ear protectors” (noise cancelling. headphones). However, I don’t really like crowds and they’re an invitation to a meltdown/shutdown. And there are a lot of cool events that happen in crowded places, and I usually either opt out or spend several days recovering from being around so many people. Also, going non-verbal can be scary if I’m not around people who are willing to use text-based communication with me. And when I can’t avoid them: meltdowns and shutdowns are the worst.

However, there are definitely things I love about being Autistic. To the point where if someone offered me a so-called “cure”, I don’t think I’d take it, because I wouldn’t want to give up the good stuff.

Let me introduce you…

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Things I Love About Autism: hyperfocus and special interests

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